Rainwater Tanks & Industrial Tanks

From our childhood, our brought up is occurred by the teachings of parents and elders that not to waste anything as it is the blessing of the creator that you have all the stuff which many people pray for. Well, that is true. And you will be surprised to know that at some places, even rainwater is not wasted. Do you know why? Because rainwater has certain chemicals and this water is stored in the tanks in different industries. For providing the best quality rainwater tanks, “Clark Tanks” is the best name.


‘Clark Tanks” is famous for providing a wide range of water tanks for industrial and farm use. Various types of rainwater tanks are also available there which you can check at their website i.e. www.clarktanks.com.au.

Rainwater tanks include small tanks such as: Model CT255, CT440, CT575, CT660, CT1000SQ, CT1100, CT1100SQ, CT2000, and CT2100SQ. These tanks are available in different colors such as: merino,     river gum, heritage green, slate grey, beige, smooth cream, bronze olive, mountain blue, heritage red, wheat, light grey, torris blue, black, and White.

The tanks for home owners are available at Clark Tanks according to the water need. In residential area, whatever the need of the water is, the owner has the tank according to it and for this purpose, they prefer to call at ‘Clark Tanks’ because of the quality of the tanks and the reliable services which they have been providing to the people for many years. For more detail, please visit their website.


Rainwater tanks

Rain water tanks are used for the storage of rainwater. Instead of wasting it and allowing it to become the part of garbage and waste, this rain water which has different chemicals is stored in the rainwater tanks. There are different sources providing the water tanks for various uses and out of them, a reliable one is “Clark Tanks”.


‘Clark Tanks’ is a well-known name for providing the water tanks for residential as well as commercial use. They are famous for the manufacturing of several types of tanks for a number of reasons. They provide Rainwater Tanks, Farm Products and Industrial Tanks. All of these are available in different sizes and the colors according to the purpose.

The water tanks include various types such as: Round Water Tanks, Slim line Water Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Small Water Tanks, Large Water Tanks, Water Tank Pumps, and Water Tank Accessories.

The farm products include Molasses Tanks, Stock Water Tanks, Cartage & Chemical Tanks, Cup & Saucer Tanks, Feed & Water Troughs, Bulk Feed & Molasses Silos, Lightweight Storage Silos, and Roller Lickers.

The industrial tanks are designed and manufactured to align specific industrial requirements. They provide the full range of fittings and attachments fitted to your specifications. They have manufacturing sites in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Clark Tanks has the experienced of many years and it is their hard work and honesty which had made them the best among some reliable names for providing the best quality tanks to the people.


Poly Water Tanks to Store Rain Water


Australia is one of those countries that do not get the rain all year long. Especially in their rural areas, where the lives of the people depend upon their crops (and the timely supply of water to them), the problem is really serious. However, the people have realized that though they cannot make it rain by themselves, not now at least, the least they can do is to take the appropriate steps to prepare themselves for the water shortage.


The practice of storing and harvesting the water from the natural sources is not new. Even in the ancient civilizations, water storages were used in different forms to ensure un-interrupted supply of water all year long. Today, technology is being used to continue this practice, with the poly water tanks being one of the most common and successful methods.

In Australia, the use of poly water tanks is increasing continuously to harvest the rain water. These poly tanks come with huge storage capacity, and often come with built-in water filtering features and systems to ensure that the water is ready to use as soon as it enters the water tank. What’s more is that these high quality poly water tanks don’t have any risk of leakage, or water loss. This allows the people to store water for long durations for both their residential as well as the commercial usage.

If you are thinking about purchasing a poly water tank in Australia, please make sure that you purchase a high quality one to prevent any problem in future.


Water Tanks

A water tank is an utmost need everywhere. People who live either in towns, city, or some rural area, need tanks for different purposes. As far the residential areas are concerned, water tanks are used for the water storage in the house. Rain water tanks are also used there in which the rain water which is actually collected in tanks somewhere is gained through rainwater harvesting.


What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the deposition of rainwater to reuse it. Instead of wasting it, rainwater is collected. Rivers, roofs, and other sources are there where the rain water is collected from. This rainwater is used for gardens, livestock and domestic use. With the proper treatment, it becomes able to use it again for different reasons. One interesting factor is that, this rainwater is also used as drinking water after proper measures.

This water is stored in rainwater tanks. There are different companies who are famous for the manufacturing of rainwater tanks and out of these, a very reliable name is www.clarktanks.com.au as they have been serving the propel for many years and their success story is based on that hard work and professionalism with which they compete with their competitors and have made a trustworthy image of them in the mind of thousands of people. To know about water tanks, please visit their website. There a lot of options are available which you can select for having the water tank according to your own requirement, that either you are going to buy it for industrial use or farms.

Water Tanks at www.clarktanks.com.au

Do you know that what is meant by a water tank? A water tank is used for a number of reasons. It is not only used for residential use but for commercial and farm used, water tanks are formed and sold out. As far as the farm uses are concerned, this category includes Molasses Tanks, Stock Water Tanks, Cartage & Chemical Tanks, Cup & Saucer Tanks, Feed & Water Troughs, Bulk Feed & Molasses Silos, Lightweight Storage Silos, and Roller Lickers. Do you want to know reliable source where you can get the best quality water tanks from? Well, a trustworthy source is www.clarktanks.com.au where you can get the detail about various types of water tanks which they make for residential and commercial use, and a number of tanks with different shapes, size and colors are formed for the farm use as well. Let’s have a quick look on water tanks for farm use.

water storage

One of the water tanks which are used in farm is Molasses tank. What is Molasses? Molasses is thick, dark brown juice obtained from raw sugar during the refining process. This juice is collected in a tank and then it is used for various purposes in farms.

Cartage and Chemical tanks are also used. In such types of tanks, the chemical is stored and used for several reasons. Feed & Water Troughs are used for feeding and drinking in animal farms.

All the tanks are available in different sizes and colors. To know more about water tanks, please visit www.clarktanks.com.au.

Poly Water Tanks


Water tanks are used commonly in both the urban as well as the rural areas in almost all countries in the world. Since water is the basic need for all sorts of life, the practice of storing water dates back to the ancient civilization. Even when there is shortage of water for a small duration, it causes a lot of problems. That is why, even today, when there is urbanisation everywhere, and one can easily access all necessities, the water tanks still remain in use.


However, the use of poly water tanks is more common in the rural areas than the urban ones. The reason is quite simple that if one can’t make it rain, they can at least store water for long enough till the next time it rains. Today, thanks to the poly industries that manufacture the water tanks, one can store huge quantities of water without facing any problems.

One of the major advantages of using the poly tanks is their durability and life. By getting a good quality poly water tank, one no longer has to worry about leakage, or any other problems, and can store water for as long as they want.

Clark water tanks is one example of such manufactures, who have become the premiers of water tanks in Australia. When it comes to storing the water, or harvesting the rain water, durability, affordability, and quality should be among the top preferences to avoid any trouble or discomfort in future.

Range of Water tanks

“Clark Tanks” is a reliable name for providing the best quality water tanks for several reasons. The range of tanks includes Rainwater tanks, Industrial tanks, and Farm tanks. These tanks are used for various purposes and available in different size and colors.


The rainwater tanks include small water tanks as well as large water tanks. Large water tanks have different capacities which range from 10,000 Liters to 46,800 Liters. The size varies according to the need that either the tank is going to use in residential area, commercial area or at a farm where the tanks of more water storage are used.

In farm troughs, Feed and Water Troughs are used. Feed and water troughs at Clark Tanks are a light and robust feed solution for animal husbandry. These tanks are available in standard color that is black and you can also select from a range of Color Bond which is provided at their website. The sizes range from 360 liters to 3,500 liters. By providing different sizes, they make it easy to select the tank according to farm use. Other forms of farm tanks available in the stock of Clark Tanks are Molasses Tanks, Stock Water Tanks, Cartage & Chemical Tanks, Cup & Saucer Tanks, Bulk Feed & Molasses Silos, Lightweight Storage Silos, and Roller Lickers.

You can know much more about various types of tanks by visiting the website of Clark Tanks i.e. www.clarktanks.com.au. You can know about a wide range of tanks there and contact them for getting the detailed description about all tanks types.

Poly Water Tanks in Australia


Water is one of the basic needs for the life to survive. Though the humans require water to survive as well, the shortage of water or rain affects the rural areas in much more drastic manner. The farmers, whose entire income depends upon their crops (and the supply of water to it), the shortage of water mostly due to the lack of rain can cause drastic affects. This is really crucial because these crops provide food to the farmers for all year long.


It is due to this reason that the trend of using poly water tanks to harvest the rain water is continuously increasing is Australia. More and more people, especially in the rural areas of Australia are now investing in the poly water tanks to store water for their daily needs. The poly water tanks are also being used to harvest the rain water so that they don’t face any problem in case it doesn’t rain. After all, if one cannot make it rain by themselves, they can certainly store the water to tackle the water shortage resulting from the lack of rain.

However, with the increasing trend of using water tanks, there has been an increase in the production of cheap water tanks as well. These water tanks, though cost comparatively less than the high quality poly water tanks, cause problems in the long term, with water leakage being one of the most common. Since the leakage of water might cause regret later, the wise people invest in high quality poly water tanks.

Poly Tanks in Australia


Water is one of the most basic needs for the live. Whether it is human, animals or plants, one can always survive if there is water. Though it is possible for life to survive without other things, water remains to be the basic requirement for this purpose, and it is impossible to survive without water. That is why, when scientists search the other planets for life, the first thing they look for is the water.


The method of storing the water is quite old, and dates back to the ancient civilizations, where people used different lakes, ponds and storage places to store the water. Even today, different sites can be seen to store the water.

As the technology has changed everything, it has also improved our ability to store the water as well. In the countries like Australia, it is really important to have a good tank for storing water. This is where the poly tanks come in the picture.

Poly tanks are not only affordable, but are also very reliable. Some say that they have higher initial cost, but when we look at the long term benefits, and the durability of the high quality poly tanks, it becomes clear that it is a very beneficial investment.

With good quality poly tanks, one can easily store water for long duration without facing any problem. Today, the poly tanks are being used in Australia by both the farmers for agriculture, and residents in their homes.

Clark Water Tanks, Australia


Water is one of the most basic necessities of life and yet, it remains to be used passively for a number of other purposes as well. When we take a look at the statistics of the water usage, we find out that it is used in huge quantities for different purposes. These include taking a bath, flushing the toilet, and other drainage purposes. On average, a toilet flush alone consumes upto 10-12 liters of water. Even brushing teeth with the running tap water consumes 5 liters of water alone.


There are countries in the world, which are not very lucky in terms of natural water resources. Australia is a good example, where it doesn’t rain very frequently. One might think about the problems faced by the residents. However, people use different alternatives to tackle this problem. People have realized that if they can’t make it rain, they can certainly prepare themselves to face this problem.

That is why, the use of the water tanks in increasing in Australia with each passing day. Since the rain-water is not readily safe for drinking, the modern poly water tanks include the built-in systems that make it safe for consumption as soon as it enters the tank.

Clark Tanks is one good example of companies that manufacture high quality poly water tanks in Australia. Some people say that they cost much more than other options. However, when we look at the long term benefits, we see that it is just a small price for a much greater benefit.

Please try to purchase a high quality poly water tank if you need long-lasting water storage.