Rainwater tanks

Rain water tanks are used for the storage of rainwater. Instead of wasting it and allowing it to become the part of garbage and waste, this rain water which has different chemicals is stored in the rainwater tanks. There are different sources providing the water tanks for various uses and out of them, a reliable one is “Clark Tanks”.


‘Clark Tanks’ is a well-known name for providing the water tanks for residential as well as commercial use. They are famous for the manufacturing of several types of tanks for a number of reasons. They provide Rainwater Tanks, Farm Products and Industrial Tanks. All of these are available in different sizes and the colors according to the purpose.

The water tanks include various types such as: Round Water Tanks, Slim line Water Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Small Water Tanks, Large Water Tanks, Water Tank Pumps, and Water Tank Accessories.

The farm products include Molasses Tanks, Stock Water Tanks, Cartage & Chemical Tanks, Cup & Saucer Tanks, Feed & Water Troughs, Bulk Feed & Molasses Silos, Lightweight Storage Silos, and Roller Lickers.

The industrial tanks are designed and manufactured to align specific industrial requirements. They provide the full range of fittings and attachments fitted to your specifications. They have manufacturing sites in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Clark Tanks has the experienced of many years and it is their hard work and honesty which had made them the best among some reliable names for providing the best quality tanks to the people.


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