Range of Water tanks

“Clark Tanks” is a reliable name for providing the best quality water tanks for several reasons. The range of tanks includes Rainwater tanks, Industrial tanks, and Farm tanks. These tanks are used for various purposes and available in different size and colors.


The rainwater tanks include small water tanks as well as large water tanks. Large water tanks have different capacities which range from 10,000 Liters to 46,800 Liters. The size varies according to the need that either the tank is going to use in residential area, commercial area or at a farm where the tanks of more water storage are used.

In farm troughs, Feed and Water Troughs are used. Feed and water troughs at Clark Tanks are a light and robust feed solution for animal husbandry. These tanks are available in standard color that is black and you can also select from a range of Color Bond which is provided at their website. The sizes range from 360 liters to 3,500 liters. By providing different sizes, they make it easy to select the tank according to farm use. Other forms of farm tanks available in the stock of Clark Tanks are Molasses Tanks, Stock Water Tanks, Cartage & Chemical Tanks, Cup & Saucer Tanks, Bulk Feed & Molasses Silos, Lightweight Storage Silos, and Roller Lickers.

You can know much more about various types of tanks by visiting the website of Clark Tanks i.e. www.clarktanks.com.au. You can know about a wide range of tanks there and contact them for getting the detailed description about all tanks types.

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